Praise the L-rd!

It is a worthwhile endeavor to publicize the good that G-d has done for you (or me!) so I am just going to take this opportunity to share.

For the past 7 years I have been making arrangements to make aliyah. Most of those involved getting an ‘education’ (read:very expensive piece of paper proving that I have forked over a great deal of money and proven to be well versed in liberal American culture.) and paying for said ‘education’. Now that I am ‘educated’ and with many thousands of dollars less to my name, finally I am able to embark on this lovely journey…but I have been, not freaking out, but – less excited than I could have been. I do not fancy living in a cardboard box, or mooching eternally from my friend’s guest room.

As with all of the greatest things in my life, after I put in all my hishtadlus, and then sit back and give the results up to Hashem, ta da!

I have an apartment!!! 🙂

(Which ALSO means that I can stop stalking .net? and spend my time doing more worthwhile things.)

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