Amazing thunderstorm! (BOOM! CRASH! CRACK! FLASH!)


Last night I was exhausted, I tried putting myself to bed at 9:30 but of course I didn’t fall asleep until around 11:00 and ALSO woke up at 3something despite the fact that I was still pooped and delirious with exhaustion. This was particularly frustrating as I normally fall asleep the moment my head hits the pillow.

At around 5:30 I was woken again, this time by the loud noises outside my window. It was THE MOST MAGNIFICENT THUNDERSTORM I have EVER seen. The sound and light show Hashem put on was amazing. Despite my exhaustion, I didn’t even have an inner battle before hopping out of bed to wash my hands so I could say the appropriate brachot. I was INSPIRED! Of course, I was also soaked from getting within 2 feet of the window, as well as too tired to stay awake and watch/listen to the magnificence (I opened my window shade to get the full experience) and I fell asleep almost instantly.

It was GORGEOUS, torrential rain included, and I hope you got to see a drop of that.

As an aside, last time I was woken by a thunderstorm was a few months ago, I heard a huge *CRACK* in the middle of the night. As it turns out, a tree had been hit by lightning and exploded or something.

And a couple of summers ago, 2 kids at Camp Moshava were hit by lightning. Don’t carry umbrellas in open fields. [Of course there’s a moral to the story :-)]

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8 Responses to Amazing thunderstorm! (BOOM! CRASH! CRACK! FLASH!)

  1. puttysauce says:

    i’m insomnia tag hunting. i’ve been stricken, so i wanted to bond with others likewise stricken. i wouldn’t mind being kept awake by a storm. too bad my head is louder. mind if i stalk your page?

  2. You may of course stalk at your leisure. Comments are always welcome. I have a post coming, just for you. 🙂

  3. Daniela says:

    one day is the bad

  4. Anonymous says:


  5. Anonymous2 says:

    I have seen better loser !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Derek says:

    SHUTUP IDIOT DONT TELL HER THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😡

  7. I don’t really know what that means….it was nice for me to see (and thanks for commenting so I could re-read my post and re-live the experience in my mind) and if you have seen one even nicer then all the better for you. It isn’t a contest, there’s enough good in the world for everyone to have a bit of fun, or more.

  8. Anonymous says:


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