I’m not a JAP, but I LOVE my iPod.


(Picture Rabbi Tatz’s face above)

Being ghetto superstar, (I’m not, that was a lie. And did I mention I generally HATE rap?) I shunned the iPod for years. I love music, its a big part of my life, but I was NOT going to get an iPod. First of all, right when they first started gaining popularity, or rather shortly after they first appeared on the market, during their intensely aggressive advertising campaign (remember the ads?) I had just decided that I was going to try phasing out secular music and I figured getting an iPod was NOT the best way to go about it. And secondly, my taste has always been simple. iPods are fancy. Not me.

Over the years I spiffed up my jewish music collection (with the help of some decent often new often obscure bands) and decided that CDs were fine for me. Its not like there is that much GOOD jewish music that lugging around my CD collection would present a huge problem. But then I discovered the MP3 player/recorder. The function of this device was initially to record shiurim but I soon found that it was also a nifty way to listen to a bunch of random music without the bulk of a discman (especially nice for workouts, and much easier to protect in the rain.)

Recently, however, a very kind someone offered to buy me an iPod. I thought about it, I didn’t really deem it necessary, but – I have to admit, I am a sucker for the swirl-pad. There is something so funky about being able to move your thumb in a small circle, and travel through a list. So I said “yes please” and finally became the iPod lover I am today.

I can’t believe how amazing the darn thing is at organizing music. You can search by song title, artist, album title, playlist, etc. You can have multiple playlists, and you can go in order or SHUFFLE (which keeps it all fresh).

And then comes the true glory of the thing (discovered during the 3 weeks)! I can put all of my shiurim on there! I can organize them by Rav/Rebbetzen, or by topic, or…the thing is just a plain delight.

Baruch Hashem for my iPod. Torah on the go.

Note: If anyone can help me figure out how to get movies onto the thing, I want to put Rabbi Tatz and home videos on there. I will appreciate any assistance.

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One Response to I’m not a JAP, but I LOVE my iPod.

  1. Elle says:

    To do the movie thing,
    (1) Get Videora to convert the movies for ipod compatibility.
    (2) After converting, add the folder the converted movie is in to itunes.
    (3) Sync Ipod

    I love my ipod too…

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