Decisions, decisions, decisions…

Someone – my friend’s husband (He’s OLD!) – once gave me this really nice compliment.  He said to me that what he likes about me is that I think what the right thing is to do, and then I go and try to do it.

My sister and I once had a conversation about self-esteem.  We came to the conclusion that because we don’t have control over ANYTHING except our bechirah (free will), that is what our self-esteem should be based upon, beyond knowing the inherent value we have since we are created in Hashem’s image and have important missions to fulfill in life.   Because of this, people who are based in reality will not place value in meaningless things.  So the only REAL compliment is the one friend’s hubby gave me (I don’t think I was worthy of it necessarily but that is another story!) and if you want to insult someone, the best thing to say, pointed out my sister, is “YOU MAKE BAD CHOICES!”

Today I didn’t make the most fantastic of choices, I didn’t use my time particularly well and I doubt Hashem is thrilled with me, but I will take the last few precious hours and try to turn the day around.

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One Response to Decisions, decisions, decisions…

  1. anonym00kie says:

    i like that perspective.. sometimes i feel like all my good decisions and good choices have led me to… not such great places – and i resent it.
    but you’re right.. i am my choices, not the effect of those choices which i had no control over.

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