Music for mood control

There is a song for every occasion.  There is a song to live in the moment, a song to work through the moment, a song to escape from the moment, a song to create a moment.

Here is the question.  Can a Jewish song ALWAYS do the job as well/better?  Sure, the music might not be as ‘muscially good’, but Hashem is there to give you a hand.

Something to ponder.

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5 Responses to Music for mood control

  1. zachdus says:

    I think you’re totally onto something here, as long as you don’t dismiss the amazing collection of classical songs that have absolutely nothing to do with Yehadus. In fact, most of the world’s great songs have nothing to do with Yehadus.

    But a really good niggun, mmm. . .

  2. Frum Hiker says:

    Yo I have this Christian ska called The OC Supertones- I had no idea it was Christian when I bought it. Anyway if you sing Hshem in all the parts where they talk about jesus it flows perfectly and is really good music.

    For me my best pick me upper is some good 80s hair metal. I can listen to Poison or Warrant and its all good.

  3. That’s so funny! One of my favorite songs is “How Sweet It Is (to be Loved by You)”, and if you stick in Hashem instead of “baby,” it makes perfect sense!

    There is a gorgeous song that I heard like 7 times before listening to the lyrics, and its disasterously Jesus oriented. I still haven’t figured out how to holy that one up. So when I feel I must listen to this song, I stop after the first verse, as that one is ‘clean’.

    As much as I am tempted, I am not going to go look up your band. However, if you want to get trendy and dub it, I’ll be there in a flash.

    FH, do you know where I can get a good and cheap folding hammock?

  4. tzivo nishta says:

    I must say that a Jewish song cannot necessarily do the same job. I would compare it to treif food; kosher food does not necessarily taste as good by virtue of the fact that it is kosher. In fact many friends who were irreligious/ non-jewish have told me that treif food kicks.
    For some purposes there is just no equivalent in Jewish music. For example, if I want to vent some frustration by turning up the hard rock, even metallish doesnt quite do it.

  5. I didn’t mean that BECAUSE its jewish it would SOUND better. But if your goal is to control your mood, better to bring Hashem into the picture, as He will help you.
    B’derech she adam rotzeh nelech, ba molichin oto.
    (A private joke with myself).
    When I am frustrated, I listen to my Eden CD. It works wonders (if you like that sort of thing.)
    TZ, we disagree again 😛 What is the world coming to?

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