Never thought I’d say this.

I feel the need to learn some chassidus.  But I need something really LOGICAL or I will just get annoyed.  Anyone have any recommendations?  I don’t have lots of energy so please only suggest things in ENGLISH or with ENGLISH translations.

I don’t have a lot of brain power left.

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4 Responses to Never thought I’d say this.

  1. Frum Hiker says:

    The book Chassidic masters by Aryeh Kaplan is awesome and is a great introduction. It is all in English and contains all the founders of chassidic thoughts- it has their biographies and their basic philosophies.

    Unfortunately most major chassidic texts are only written in yiddish or hebrew. Chabad chassidus and Tanya- which is the basis of most chassidus can be found easily in English.

    Do not learn chassidus by yourself- it makes no sense.

  2. rebelwithacause says:

    Learn anything besides the Tanya and find yourself a good teacher.

  3. It’s not technically Chassidut… but I love Derech HaShem by the Ramchal. He goes systematically through the entirety of existence and the system of divine providence. Very Logical… some would argue it’s TOO logical for the concerned subject matter.

  4. david gurovich says:

    you should learn Tanya. it will surely work your brain.

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