Quotalicious! – Part 1.

Rabbis, Rebbetzins and others frequently say things that are worth repeating. Sometimes these things carry pearls of wisdom, and sometimes they just make me giggle.

I thought I would share a few with you here. First the serious.

Rabbi Baruch Smith “Why did G-d create fools? Every clarity must be preceeded by confusion….if you are not confused, you will never merit clarity.”

Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky “We are, right now, living the life that we’re going to look back on.”

Rabbi Lawrence/Leib Kelemen “If you want to see my potential, look at how I am in front of my students. If you want to see my reality, look at me when no one’s around.”

Rabbi Kelemen “We are so numb from television that we can’t see the world.”

Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller “What jealousy is to the emotions, desire is to the body. It takes you out of reality.”

Rabbi Kelemen “Once the one [One?] you love is holding your hand, you can handle almost anything.”

Rabbi Yosef Brown “It’s almost like you have to be aware of Hashem every day, all of the time.”

Rabbi Kelemen “The perfect jews work hard and play hard.”

Rabbi Menachem Nissel “No one gets satisfaction from the dreams they never turned into reality.”

Rabbi Kelemen “Once you’re clean, you hate dirt.”

Rabbi Kelemen “Habbits are your best friends, as long as each one has a hakdamah, a hechsher, from your brain.”

Rabbi Brown “It’s important to be funny and have fun in a serious way.”

Rabbi Kelemen “The ENTIRE shchinah is inside of you. Not 90%.”

Rabbi Brown “It’s always individuals that save klal yisrael.”

I think I’ll save the fun for another day. Happy shabbos all! Let it hit you! 🙂

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8 Responses to Quotalicious! – Part 1.

  1. m00kie says:

    Rebbetzin Heller: “fun is escape from reality, simcha is a response to reality”

    Rabbi Kelemen: “judaism isnt a religion, it’s a relationship!”

    and my most favorite Rabbi bear quote:
    “Torah is fun”*

    *don’t expect to appreciate this quote without a minimum of 2 years of rabbi bear’s teachings to go along with it!

  2. Does that mean that Torah is escape from reality? 🙂

  3. m00kie says:

    oy 🙂
    now i need to see rebetzin heller and rabbi bear fight it out!

  4. Nigel Ian III says:


  5. anonym00kie says:

    the bear’s bodyguard, who else??

  6. Hashemlovesme says:

    Rabbi Orlofsky: “Don’t be frum be Kadosh!”

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