Doo Wah Diddy

In the midst of all the STUFF going on, there’s MORE stuff going on.

I had no plans to speak of wells again, but -behold, yet again they have become relevant.  Over shabbos I was talking about something random and somehow wells came up.  Yes, the kind where Eliezer had his sign situation with Hashem going on.  Apparently they represent getting to know yourself on a deeper level, which I get and it’s cute.  Wells are about self discovery and if that is the case then I am a big well-fan.

Ellul is coming up which is scary for many reasons.  First off I feel like nothing sticks, like I’m working on the same stuff I was last year at this time, which is disappointing.  But perhaps I am taking such teeny baby steps that I don’t notice my own progress?  I hope that’s the case, and if not, Hashem had better be storing up all my efforts so I can actually beat this stuff eventually.

Second reason Ellul is scary is that another year has passed and life is still …regular life.  Ok, a lot has changed, but I thought MORE would have happened by now.  Aliyah is coming, I just have to keep that in mind and have some perspective.  And maybe get myself a treat subscription to aish audio for the month so I can fill my brain and my iPod with more Torah goodness.

I just found out that an older couple that had wanted kids for MANY years (I lost touch with them 10 years ago and they were in their 40s then) have a 7 year old!  Fantastic!  Hashem makes great miracles daily, may we all see and recognize and appreciate them!

Back to work.  There is laundry to be done.

And remember, you can get anything you want at Alice’s Restaurant (That’s not the name of the restaurant, that’s just the name of the song.)

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