News so exciting I’ll bet you can hardly contain yourself.

I haven’t had much energy to post lately, especially not about anything anyone would really be interested in reading.  But one has to keep these things alive, so…might as well tell you whats going on in my life at this time.

First off, I’m sick.  I have this blasted cold and to be honest I’ve got better things to do with my time than walk around feeling ill OR lying there in bed.  Its ridiculous.  Frankly, I don’t get why Hashem bothers making me sick. Pretty much any life situation I am in, I invest all this energy in figuring out what I can learn from it.  But when I’m sick, I don’t have the energy to think or move.  I missed a good shindig this evening, I’d been planning to go for a good month so that’s a bummer.

In other news, I got FIRST BRACHA from a fresh kallah last week.  I went to drop someone off at her house and she was coming out in street clothes but with hair/veil and makeup done, on her way to the wedding hall.  I asked her for a bracha, and she was like “oh!  First bracha, I’ve never done this before.”  I was the first bracha of the day and that HAS to count for something, right?

And, I finished HP4.  Onto 5 for the first, and probably last time.  I am so behind on things.  And hungry.  Anyone wanna come over and make me dinner?

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