Theories. Not that it takes a rocket scientist.

Does anyone else come up with little theories in their head?  Some will be more on target than others.  My sister has a theory that anyone who refuses to get facebook secretly goes on other people’s accounts.  I hear her saying, “Oh, you’re one of those” to people all the time.  I know a few people like this.  As an aside, if you ever want to lure someone onto facebook (which is NOT the devil, contrary to popular belief it CAN be used for good, it’s a tool like anything else) all you have to do is tag tons of pictures of them and they will be lured in by curiosity.  Unless they are one of those aforementioned people who lurk in the facebook shadows.

Today I did a LOT of driving.  My mom frequently comments that I will brake while entering a curve, wheras most people will accelerate.  In these moments she calls me a bad driver.  The rest of the time she is impressed with my mad driving skills.  But anyway.  I decided that people who brake on curves don’t like surprises and people who accelerate do.  That’s my theory. I should take a survey but I’m too lazy in this regard.

Last theory I had was that the girl who dropped out of the apartment I was going to be renting was getting engaged.  I know it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out but having not spoken to her at all, I don’t think I did particularly badly.

BTW – I hate New York.

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One Response to Theories. Not that it takes a rocket scientist.

  1. zachdus says:

    Facebook scared the blank out of me. All these people who wanted to be my friend. I couldn’t say yes, couldn’t say no. Dropped out altogether. Seemed the only sane thing to do.

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