Hi all…yes, it’s been a while, and with good reason. Thank you to my devoted fans who have stuck it out (all 64 of you, or all 4 of you and my persistant stalkers, I would imagine.) Anyhow, life in E.Y. is…it’s HOME. For anyone who thinks otherwise, come taste it and you will know what I am talking about. How can I explain to someone who has never experienced the magnificence? Waking up is special, going to sleep is special, brushing my teeth is special, and I NEVER HAVE TO LEAVE AGAIN! My heart is dancing in celebration! Of course, with the daunting feat of unpacking that stands before me, not to mention the hunt for gainful employment…

On that note, I mentioned to my friend’s husband (kind people letting me crash by them until I re-find a place of my own) that I might work in a restaurant until I start ulpan or find full time work. He said it is beneath me. What does that mean? I didn’t want to challenge because he was trying to give me a compliment and I thought best not to push it, but frankly, I feel that unemployment is even MORE below me. I’d rather have a crummy job than no job at all. Its an honor and a priviledge to be able to work in the holy land, to serve my fellow jews. Better than a ‘job of dignity” in…goodness, I almost said “The States”, I guess I am becoming Israeli faster than I realized. THE GOOD OLD USA.

Do you know the song from Journeys IV? Anyone know which one I’m talking about? I love it, it makes me cry (but then, so does everything! I love being in touch with my emotions!) There are actually a bunch of tracks I love, my favorite is “Sfashkenaz” but the one I am referring to is “Country Boy”. BTW you can read a review of the CD as well as a summary of each track here if you care to.

I once had a madrich (that’s not a typo, it was NOT a madricha) who told me that English Jewish music made him not want to be Jewish. A poor example he was setting. It’s one thing for sappy lyrics to not be your thing. You can hate the sap if you want to, but, goodness, don’t ditch G-d.

Anyway, there is so much STUFF to be done. I don’t want to say that it’s overwhelming, but setting up a whole life, especially right before the chagim when I’d like to have SOME attempt at teshuva going on, is a big deal.

One thing I’d really like to say is – IY”H by everybody! Lets have the final redemption, shall we?

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