Life in the Holy Land. (The good, the bad, the ugly, the weird. WEIRD!!!)

SOOOOOOOOOOO…I guess on the posts now we’re going to have to settle for quality and not quantity because life is busy here and getting on the internet is not that simple anymore. BUT at the same time life is better, like I said, so…who’s complaining? Join me in the fun!

There are a few stories I’d like to share in terms of STUFF that has been happening since I got here.

First, the jet lag. Just as a matter of interest, if there IS any. I don’t get how this works. I’d fall asleep at like 6:00 PM and then wake up 2:00 AM. That part is reasonable. But then I’d fall asleep again at 11:00 AM. My sleep cycle was wacky.

Then my phone broke. I went to office A to get it fixed a few months ago, they said go to office B. So this time around I planned to go STRAIGHT to office B. I was giving someone directions at the bus stop so I missed my bus, which btw NEVER comes. DARN. Of course, though, Hashem has a plan, because a friend of mine who lives outside of Yerushalayim and who just ‘happened’ to be in town for the day, unbeknowst to me, was at that very bus stop, and because I missed the bus we had a chance to catch up. I finally got to my destintion of office B where they told me that I was given incorrect information and really I need to go to office A. Been there, done that, yes, but they must have made a mistake. So there I was, a trip to office B for what seemed like no reason. However, ANOTHER friend of mine just happened to show up outside THAT office at the same time that I did, and btw did I mention that she has had a child since I saw her last and is VERY pregnant, which I didn’t know? So that was a nice little treat from Hashem there, too. The icing on the cake is that while I was waiting for the bus BACK I found a little wireless hotspot and was able to check my e-mail, something I hadn’t really had time for since I arrived. YAY.

Finally I got my phone fixed, it was done at office A, btw. and for less money than I thought it would be, which is never a bad thing. When my phone got fixed, I went through my old numbers and deleted everything that was outdated or that seemed unfamiliar. After which I realized that I had deleted 2 friends’ info because it hadn’t had last names and I mistook those friends for other people. OOPS. One girl I was able to find on facebook and anyway I know where she lives so it’s not an issue. The other, though, is from England, lives in Yerushalayim, and I met her for the first time around a year ago at Eichler’s in Brooklyn. I had seen her once since then but we planned to be in touch when we were local, and I had gone and deleted her number. I coudln’t for the life of me remember her last name, and I was feeling bummed and, frankly, kind of like an idiot. I was at a friend’s house, she had a guest over from some random European country. Friend’s friend mentioned that she was going to be in a particular area for Rosh Hashanah and didn’t have a seat in a shul yet. When she mentioned the area, it triggered the phone number deletion story because that girl lives in the area. And apparently she recognized the girl from the circumstances I described. Apparently, Friend’s friend visited England for a short while and they used to be shiur buddies. So the girl was unlost. YAY HASHGACHA!!!

Of course, in other news, I posted for advice on a Yerushalayim e-mail list, and got 4 responses. 1 was a “please share the information you receive”, one was an unsolicited sales e-mail, one was unsolicited rabbinic advice (what they told me seemed kind of obvious, but anyway…) and the 4th was sort of a weak response to what I had asked.

This place is cute and wonderous at the same time. Major props. Goodnight!

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