Just when I think that no one cares and I should just ditch the blogging thing, I see that I have such loyal fans that will even peek when I haven’t posted in ages. So nice! Hope everyone had a nice chag, I LOVE the one day thing, it allows you to feel it without stretching the feeling too thin. Plus I really like showering regularly. 🙂

Now that the holiday season is over, its time to look for a proper living situation instead of the makeshift precarious situation that I have currently (which involves making myself scarce all day even if I have nowhere to go, in order to avoid a yichud situation. ) Today was productive though so no complaints! I could use a sleep in, though. I ran like a maniac to a shiur today and no one put out the word that it was cancelled, so one of the other girls there gave an improv dvar torah on tfillah, it was NOT a waste, Hashem ROCKS!

Time to get on a bus. Care to join me anyone?

Ps who is my google stalker? Reveal yourself! 🙂

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7 Responses to Sooo…

  1. Mordehai says:

    Although I wish that I could move to Eretz Yisro’ail, I know that (if I could) then the adjustment to One-Day-Yom-Tov would feel slightly awkward.

    May HaShem please bless you with Hatzlochoh Rabboh.

    Yi’mallay HaShem Koll Meesh’a’los Leebaich Li’Tovoh.

  2. Frum Hiker says:

    Hey where did my link go?

  3. AMEN…and no, you wouldn’t. The first second would be strange, and then you’d be like “oh. This is how Hashem planned it originally anyway. Yeah! Rock on!!!”

  4. “Plus I really like showering regularly.”

    you should speak to your rav even about showering on 1 day of chag


    the only adjustment is if you are returning to the golah. i remember my one-day yontef from my year in yeshivah very fondly.

  5. Thanks…I actually have but that is very individual person dependant so I’m not going to go there on this blog. When I was in Israel for shana aleph (and the other times I was here long term) I was told to STILL keep 2 days. It depends on your circumstances and which rav you ask.

    All I can say (yom tov aside) is that showering rocks! People with poor hygene clearly do not know what they’re missing.

  6. it came out wrong. i didn’t mean to ask your rav about 1 or 2 days of chag, but rather about showering on chag. some rabbis permit it (and do it themselves).

  7. I know what you meant 🙂 Again, I don’t want to go paskening online…Everyone should ask their competant LOR (local orthodox rabbi)/paskening authority.

    This is in no way a dig at you. On the contrary, I am sure that you have asked. I’m just nervous about leading others astray.

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