Two Weddings and a…Another Wedding (Part 1) OR Wind Chimes in the Evening

Hi all!  I just got back from my friend’s wedding and it was beautiful!  First off the music was amazing and I am going to have to find out the name of the band because I could listen to them and their jamming for hours and not get bored.  Their energy was amazing…I didn’t even mind shofar-guy.  Did I mention that I enjoy good reggae?

There were also the mini-stomp-band dudes who were playing the cutlery at their table.  Amazing.  I wish I’d had my mp3 recorder on me, though the sound would probably have come out all wrong.

The bride looked beautiful, by the way.  She was glowing from the inside, and you could see the happiness and love shining around her eyes.  She is one of the people who’s totally going to have a big part in bringing moshiach, methinks.

So…I was standing on the edge of the mechitza with a friend watching some dude sing a song for the chatan and kallah and I had my hand up on the side of the mechitza.  And all of a sudden, a hand reaches around the mechitza, fingertips on mine (the hand was kind of holding my hand) and before I could move, some dude had swung around the mechitza and suddenly we were face to face (and he was STILL holding onto my hand!) LOL I felt so bad, he had such a fright and it was kind of an awkward moment but also rather entertaining…to the fellow who held my hand this evening by accident, its all good.   Don’t worry.  but HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

(If you can’t laugh at awkward moments, life ends up being very difficult.)

Now the wind is coming through my  window and making the chimes make their delicate beautiful sounds.  It has been an evening of fine music.

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