As I jam my earring back in my head….

Here I am, balancing with my laptop, enjoying the atmospheric aftermath of the first rain of the season which almost caused me to slide down the stairs on my bottom and twisted my arm about as I grabbed the railing – darn crocs have their purpose but they are also quite the health hazard.  I’m sure you’ve seen the articles about the kids’ toes getting ripped off on escalators.  Well, here is a new hazard to be mindful of.  Do not go waltzing (or even walking) down stairs, or ANY surfaces, made of Jerusalem stone when its wet.  One word.  SLIPPERY.  Do not die.  There are better ways to go.

Anyhow, it’s been a long evening, what with training at a new job, tichel shopping, running off to a tichel party, and then bonding with my friend’s family since they flew all the way across the world for this wedding.  I’m trying to be my usual charming self, and apparently I’ve made quite a good impression.   Chilling with these people who aren’t frum is MAD good for my ego.  They just shower me with compliments.  Apparently, the majority of people in the secular world just are not as cool as I am.  And if that’s the impression I leave them with, I am happy to be the posterchild of frum judaism.  Though I have to say the following:

1 – If I lived outside of the frum world I think I would have lower standards too.  Thus, while I am nice and good, I am not AS GLORIOUSLY nice and good as these people believe me to be.

2 – B”H, I got raised well.  Major props to the ‘rents who invested so much in my correct upbringing that I actually turned out ok.

3 – They just got off the plane today and they are pooped, so their judgement must be slightly clouded.

Still, I think its good for everyone to hear nice specifics about themselves every so often.  Being reminded of one’s strengths helps to guide a person towards his life’s calling and purpose.  From knowing who we are and what we are good at, we can learn how best to contribute to the world.  It’s so easy to get bogged down in the room for improvement, which also has it’s place, but when you find you have more road to travel, it’s important to know which way you are going.

Anyone up for a walk?

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