Obsession (having NOTHING to do with Calvin Klein)

Actually, as of today, I have 2.  I used to be one of those people with really addictive personalities and sometime after high school it stopped, maybe because I decided to channel it into my obsession with Hashem.  He rocks, btw.  Interesting as its the other side of the coin of the uber-loyalty gene I’ve got.  I stick with stuff.  So it goes.

And then today it took me by surprise.  Like that time I saw a dude carrying a lamp across Brooklyn and decided that carrying a lamp in a jaunty sort of fashion is extremely attractive. (Some would then argue that it is assur and un-tznius for women to carry lamps in public.  Boys, avert your eyes, ‘cuz I am lamp shopping next time I’m at Ikea, and I’m going to carry that baby home with glee.)

Anyhow, obsession #1 is with this amazing chocolate ice cream, I think its one of the nestle ones, I was never into chocolate above vanilla, strawberry, coffee, or all the funky flavors you can’t get around here like MINT and COOKIE DOUGH.  One day I will make my own.  But I digress.  This ice cream is the bomb.  Sort of like Hashem, only it totally isn’t infinite and eternal as He is.  I know this because I ate it and now its gone.  Isn’t that sad?

The other new obsession is just going to remain classified information.  I cannot tell you lest I appear a dolt on the internet.  More than I already do.

Maybe a good night’s sleep will clear my brain.

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