There Seems to be a Shortage of Intellegent Life.

Lately I’ve been thinking.  I’ve been self concious about a lot of things in my life (throughout my life) and I am therefore sensitive to people with these issues, AND sensitive about making jokes about these things, because people might take offense.  The other day it occured to me that one of the things I am NOT sensitive to in particular is comments about peoples’ intellegence, because that is something I have rarely doubted (except when I come into contact with geniouses, and people who can spell properly, and even then I still know where I stand.  B”H.  I’m smart and can’t spell for my life.)

Being aware of this, I will try to use SOME disgression here, but WHY ARE PEOPLE SUCH IDIOTS? If I tell someone I don’t know something and ask them to find out for me, why in h-e-double hockey sticks would they e-mail me asking for the information that I JUST SAID I don’t have???  And when I say that, upon receiving the information, I will forward it to everyone, WHY must I get almost 30 e-mails telling me to please send the information when I have it?   Do people not know how to READ anymore?  Sheesh.  I think this is a pet peeve of mine.

I know intellegence is granted (or not granted, as the case may be, ) by Hashem, but really, I didn’t realize this many people were this…oblivious?

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