Bad days, and why they are funny.

As days go, yesterday wasn’t horrible.  I got to get up at a normal hour and daven, get dressed like a human being, go to work, see some friends, talk to some others, found table legs for my table top, spoke to my sister, etc.  But in the midst of all of that, there were some moments where the stress seemed to overwhelm me, and at one point I cried and needed a hug. (Thanks Rivka #942648420!)

Some of the stress came from aliyah, but pretty much all of it was the kind of thing one COULD find in chutz la’aretz.  It’s just more likely here.  I was feeling SO MISERABLE for like four and a half seconds, before I burst out laughing.  How can I even have a moment of “poor me”?  I am one of the luckiest (ok, most fortunate!  No such thing as luck!) people on the entire planet.  I get to live in E.Y., I have great friends, I have a brain and I know what to do with it, Hashem has blessed me with good health and with building challenges, and I am just one of the luckiest fishsticks that ever was.

So bad days are pretty funny.

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2 Responses to Bad days, and why they are funny.

  1. hearthealth says:

    It sounds childish, but when I feel down, I recall this cant-recall Tom Cruise movie wherein he wakes up from a hangover lying in the middle of a quiet Sunday street. He picks himself up and goes home limping without some angsty rock music in the background.

    I do so too (and not just everytime I wake up). But with chutzpah. No need for rock songs, though. Just my fave affirmation “Go the distance!” from the Michael Bolton song. The craziest is perhaps “Arx You A Kxy Pxrson?” Lol, check out my positive thinking article.

  2. Deborah says:

    I made Aliya from France 2 years ago.
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    So, guys, let s get all connected!!!
    looking forward to receiving your comments…
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