A Hiatus (perhaps – FOREVER! Who knows?)

To whoever cares…I am, as of late, too busy living my life to write about it here on a regular basis. If you love me, you are welcome to check in. In the meantime, don’t worry, be happy. 🙂 (‘cuz Hashem is in charge and He ALWAYS takes care of business!)

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3 Responses to A Hiatus (perhaps – FOREVER! Who knows?)

  1. Sarabeth says:

    Hey, I just found frum satire tonight and then found your request/offer of a girl wanting to go camping in E.Y. (Eretz Yisrael?) before it gets freezing.

    Well… I do! though i guess it’s already cold by now? 😦

    I’m Sarabeth, 22 years old, and have never been ‘seriously camping,’ so go easy on me.

  2. Hehe….where do you live? Yes, it is quite chilly all of a sudden. GASP!

  3. Lion of Zion says:

    no one ever really leaves the blogosphere. we’ll wait for you to come back.

    shavuah tov

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