“You’ve got mail.”

I know I said I wasn’t posting but sometimes I just can’t resist.  I just got the following e-mail from someone one one of those dating websites.  I don’t know how to paste it in, for some reason it won’t let me, but I think this one is worth sharing.

“It’s no wonder why you can’t get married.  At least I was married twice, divorced once and widowed once, which is toooooo painful for me to talk about, which is why it’s not on my profile.  By FFB standards you’re an old maid.  I doubt you’ll ever get married but I wish you luck in trying.”

Now, I am very torn between being entertained and being so sad that this person actually exists in the world and has to live with this personality of his.  And it all came about because I replied that I wasn’t comfortable dating someone who is over 20 years older than me.  Can we all daven for this guy?

On a different note, yesterday was really fun ‘cuz I found a hefker couch (quite pretty!) and I dragged it across Yerushalayim which means 1 – Nice couch, 2 – Good workout, 3 – good fun!

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11 Responses to “You’ve got mail.”

  1. nevemiriam says:

    sad guy. I take it he doesn’t take stressful things well.

    cool! i didn’t know you were in J’lem. hey, neighbor ! lolol

  2. Chana says:

    So I never comment, but yes I still read occasionally (cuz I am such a lurker) and this guy should be taken out back and… I don’t know, be henpecked (literally) by 1,000 hens. Yeah. That sounds fitting for some reason.
    Miss you over there in E”Y.

  3. NeveMiriam, do you have a blog? I wonder if we know eachother…hm.

    And Chana, if you are the chana I am thinking of, please facebook me.

    For everyones info, I would just like to mention that since getting that e-mail, he has contacted me through this web site EVERY SINGLE DAY. I haven’t responded, I have ignored, but apparently the old dude has a stalker-streak and not much to do with his time.

  4. Mor says:

    It almost sounds slightly hypocritical:
    The way he says that he “wishes you luck” –
    but, at the same time, he has no respect for your wishes to be free from his ranting.

  5. Mor says:

    P.S. Even telemarketers stop calling me if I just say “Please take me off your list.”

    Why can’t this guy stop writing?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hey, I ‘m surprised that they let him out of jail after he murdered one of his wives.

  7. Anonymous says:

    P.S. (Or is he e-mailing you from Attica Prison?)

  8. Yeah, he’s a little nuts. I thought he had stopped e-mailing but as it turns out he just skipped a day. The stalking has resumed.

  9. Elya says:

    I can’t understand how anybody could harrass you like that.
    I understand that he’s in pain, but he has no right to inflict his hurtful comments on you.
    Did you report him to the website on which he “met” you?
    Maybe he deserves some very strong Chinese water-torture.
    How can he possibly do this every day?
    Or – at all – for that matter.
    What a creep.

  10. Ahuva says:

    I would definitely report him. He sounds like a real winner. And I really don’t think that being divorced is anything to be proud of.

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