A Lesson for the Ages.

Never leave a book you plan to borrow OUT on the shelf in the household it belongs.

Chol hamoed is a good time for catching up with yourself, with friends, and with G-d.  And your reading (esp. Jew reading.)  So I was over at my friend’s house, looking through her family’s book shelf, and I see a book that I have wanted to read for a few years, basically since it was first published.  (That one on Mystical Music or something, by Rabbi Trugman.)  So I asked my friend if I could borrow it, and she said “sure” and I put it on the edge of the bookshelf to take before I leave. (And wrote a run-on sentence.)

Along comes her mom, sees the book, and starts reading.  Now if her mom starts reading it, you know I can’t borrow it until she’s done.  That would be rude.  So it could be a good few months.  And when your friend is engaged and getting married in a few weeks, you might not be in their house for a LOOOOOOOOONG time.

Man plans and G-d laughs, again!

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2 Responses to A Lesson for the Ages.

  1. frumpunk says:

    Nothing to do with the post, but what did you think of the songs?

  2. I didn’t get a chance to listen properly since I’m still chilling at my friends house and they are NOT into that kind of music at all. I figured better not to impose my musical tastes on them (her cousin who is less tactful said “when you listen to this kind of music I actually PREFER sfirah.” OUCH! But its not you, she says that about any loudish music.)
    IY”H after LAG if I don’t get to it before…bli neder (though I am looking forward!)

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