My Own Personal Ulpan

I spent some time this evening engaged in candle-making which is super fun but also totally ghetto as I don’t have any molds or real wicks, I just use some braided leftover embroidery thread and the remnants of candles I’ve already burned.  Tin foil is your friend.

Other than that, a new tactic for learning Hebrew has arisen.  Since pretty much nothing sticks in my head except for song lyrics I figured if I pick a hebrew song, learn the lyrics, and look up all the words I don’t know, pretty soon I’ll know the meanings of all those new words.

I picked a song (won’t tell you which) but it’s really catchy, and now that I’ve started looking up words, kind of disgusting.

There is a REASON I try not to listen to secular music.  I guess I assumed that maybe things would be slightly tamer because this is Israel but instead it was WORSE.  I think I need friends who understand Hebrew and listen to the radio to help me out on this one.

Seriously, though, someone should start an ulpan based on this principle.  I can still hear my dad’s voice in my head (heard this at least once a day throughout highschool) “If you would spend even HALF the time you spend on memorizing song lyrics on schoolwork, you’d be a straight A student.”

The truth is that I didn’t spend ANY time memorizing song lyrics.  Half of nothing is still nothing.  But I did get the point.  And maybe now this will help me get somewhere on this long road to being bilingual (IY”H!!!)

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2 Responses to My Own Personal Ulpan

  1. liza says:

    there are tamer things:
    achinoam nini did a whole album of real poetry
    (poems of leah goldberg and rachel (bluvstein), which are have often been set to music in the past), called Achinoam Nini, Gil Dor (not the live one. admittedly, the pic on the front is quite risque for a frummock, but the words are fine, email me for more info)
    Arik Einstein has children’s albums, some with
    more classic poetry, although, come to think of it,
    lots of his other stuff, including real hits are pretty kosher too.
    there is hope for learning hebrew in a relatively kosher manner from songs, tho maybe not from the
    songs you can get on a radio station stam.

  2. Thanks for your suggestions.
    Of course I have been too busy to work on this but In the meantime I’ve been listening to a little of Moshav Band’s Hebrew stuff.

    The truth is that any Jewish Israeli musicians who write their own lyrics are good for this.


    Good shabbos! 🙂 Thanks again!

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