Just Another Motzai Shabbos Musing.

I wonder how the words “Muse” and “Music”relate to one another.

But anyway:

There is so (SO!) much information out there on the world wide web.  Some of it is legit, some of it is pure boohockey (sp?) but I imagine the vast majority of it falls somewhere between these two extremes.  In the name of tipping the scales towards the good stuff (and with a hearty “Thank you” to Sara Yoheved Rigler and her book “Lights From Jerusalem” 

…which inspired this post, here are a few stories of Hashgacha Pratis (divine intervention) that I experienced recently, in order to increase the awareness of G-d’s presence in this world.  Because He’s here to stay, whether you like it or not, and He actually rocks the house (and the whole world which He personally created for our pleasure) and when Hashem rocks the house, He rocks it all the way down.

So the first of these is rather “minor” although trust me, I appreciated it big time.  And a “minor miracle” is still a miracle, let’s be clear on that.

Over shabbos I was sitting and eating my meal in a state of semi-exhaustion when my glass salt shaker fell from the table and onto the floor.  I was sure it would be broken, because almost nothing survives the impact with the stone that these Jerusalem floors are made of.  The LAST thing I wanted to do was start sweeping up glass in the dimly lit room.  And behold it was that a miracle had occured.  The glass was not broken, it was intact!  Score one for G-d.

Another miracle as of late:  This miracle has a bit of a personal nature so I’m not going to go into too much detail BUT over shavuot I was at a friend’s house and there was a woman there (relative of another guest) who, how shall I put it, had not yet ever had the opportunity to be exposed to the glory of Hashem’s teachings and the wonderful life that Hashem offers to the Jewish people.  Well, over dinner and after dinner we spoke a bit, and she turned out to be lovely, and WE turned out to be kindred spirits.  I invited her to join me for a shiur at around midnight, and she took me up on the offer.  We had a nice long stroll on the way there and spoke of life, the universe, and many things in it, including our live’s journeys.  We arrived at the shiur shortly after it began, slunk (?) in at the back at sat down.

Well, the Rebbetzin giving the shiur touched upon basically every topic we’d spoken about during our stroll, expanding upon them and taking them to practical places.  She also did some nice little hand-motions that I’d enacted earlier in the evening despite my never having seen them enacted anywhere else before.  And then this lovely woman and I had another stroll back, and I think we will be e-penpals.  YAY!

Also one of my dearest friends got married yesterday morning (Yes, a Friday morning wedding, let’s all quit being surprised, it makes a lot of sense for Israel) and for some reason I had been unable to locate a shtick gmach for the occasion.  But another dear friend offered to help (MIRACLE ALERT!), and from dusk until dawn we worked, and ended up constructing some of the cutest things I have EVER seen.  So now we are the proud owners of some darn awesome arches and a dancing parasol.  Custom made and funky.  If anyone lives in Jlem and needs to borrow such wedding shtick, we’d be happy to lend it out. 

I’m sure there’s more but frankly, there will ALWAYS be more and I have work in the morning.

A blessed week to whoever reads this.  If anyone happens to stumble upon this little corner of the blogosphere, please share your personal divine intervention stories.  You never know who will read and be inspired!

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One Response to Just Another Motzai Shabbos Musing.

  1. With your approach it’s easy to admire and appreciate all the aspects of our life and it’s really wonderful since because of our problems we often forget how magic life is and how many miracles happen to us every day!

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