Wonder of Wonder, Miracle of Miracles

So – I’ve decided to re-hop on the bandwagon.  Bli neder will try to blog again on a regular basis, as there is what to share.  Hi to anyone who stuck around (and thank you!  So flattering!) or to anyone who stumbled upon this adorable little corner of the blogosphere by accident.

This has been a common theme here, I think, but there are so many miracles going down (Thanks G-d!) on a regular basis and because it’s so easy to get bogged down in the drudgery of daily life, it would behoove us to stop and reflect on all these wondrous things that we have – it makes this world just that bit easier, and perhaps inspires us to keep plugging away at our lives’ missions.
So on that note, I’d like to share with you three little happy moments (some were bigger than little!) that I’ve had lately.  Perhaps someone will get chizuk from these – and perhaps someone will pop in and share such moments of their own.


MOMENT ONE: I go to the post office every day for work, and everyone knows me there (although very few of the employees are sure of my name.  They constantly call me by my co-worker’s name or my boss’s name and although I’ve corrected them a few times, it doesn’t really seem to matter to me – or to them.  Although I’ve heard them debating my name before, so cute!)

One of the fellows is Mr. Neshama-Who-is-Scrawny-and-Wears-Tight-Clothing.  He’s  a not particularly attractive middle aged guy with poofy hair, spends lots of time at work chatting with the ladies, and appears to me uber-secular.  He also is a white-boy – looks as ashkie as they come,  so I was surprised to see:
The other day I went into the post office as usual in the middle of the afternoon, and suddenly I saw an arm peeking out from the back room.  What was interesting about this arm was that it was WRAPPED in T’FILLIN!  I craned my neck and peeked further, and behold – there was the scrawny tight clothing guy, wearing something else wrapped tightly around his scrawny body.  🙂  and to top it (him) all off, there was a yarmy sitting atop his poofy hair.

The ladies who work in the P.O. branch were calling him, saying they want to order lunch already, and he looked at them, did the shniyah fingers, and returned to his tfillah.  Then, he deftly unwrapped, placed his order, and went back to work



G-d has stuck in this little reminder NEVER to judge people.  We have no clue what’s going on in their lives, or what they do behind the scenes.  (note to self.)


Moment 2:

After spending a couple of months wanting SO BADLY to read about graphology (handwriting analysis) and spending a couple of weeks asking EVERYONE if he or she has a book on this topic that I can borrow (because I don’t want to own one) and being met with ZERO success, I got an e-mail from a friend who lives locally but who I hadn’t seen in ages, asking me to send her a sample of my handwriting because she’s taking a correspondence course on – you guessed it  – graphology.  She has a bunch of coursebooks that she got in the mail and has generously offered to lend them to me when she’s not using them.

This is a nice reminder that we can (and must) go after what we want, but after all is said and done, when Hashem wants us to have it, He will suddenly drop it into our lap.  And, whether it seems like it or not, the outcome will have NOTHING to do with our previous efforts.


There was a third thing, but I can’t remember it at the moment.  Perhaps it will return to me, but I guess there’s some miracle in forgetting what you were trying to remember.

G-d is behind EVERYTHING.  Even the mundane.

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