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A Poem. (eh.)

I wear inverse bell-curve-shaped glasses. Middle-ground-mellow thoughts about the people I see before me. Just shy of neutral, I gaze out and, if at all, judge others vaguely, with quarter-hearted indifference. My caring for them, though, goes far deeper.  The … Continue reading

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Chanukah Sameach! (or “Chag Oorim Sameach”)

Happy Chanukah everyone! Yeah, it’s been a while. Life tends to get in the way of, well, life. There is always so much to do, and we’ve only got 120 years in which to do it.

And a little dude named “Yetzer Harah” often gets in the way and tries to throw a cog in the schedule.

If I beat him out, you’ll be getting some new reading fodder soon. Are you on the edge of your seat?

‘Cuz there’s DRAMA.

Get ready. And in the meantime, keep lighting up that oil, and the world.

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Wonder of Wonder, Miracle of Miracles

So – I’ve decided to re-hop on the bandwagon.  Bli neder will try to blog again on a regular basis, as there is what to share.  Hi to anyone who stuck around (and thank you!  So flattering!) or to anyone … Continue reading

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Just Another Motzai Shabbos Musing.

I wonder how the words “Muse” and “Music”relate to one another. But anyway: There is so (SO!) much information out there on the world wide web.  Some of it is legit, some of it is pure boohockey (sp?) but I imagine … Continue reading

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In The Name of Bi-Annual Posting (or something like that.)

A happy belated Lag Ba’Omer to all!  One thing though, don’t forget to keep counting sfirah!  (Of ALL days, I almost missed it on LAG.  How silly!) Yes, it’s been ages, and much has been going on but why spread your … Continue reading

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When your history comes back to bite you in the butt…

Pretty much everyone seems to have moments where something they said or did in the past now comes to haunt them in the present, and they wish they hadn’t done X. After having some little tiffs with my yetzer harah … Continue reading

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My Own Personal Ulpan

I spent some time this evening engaged in candle-making which is super fun but also totally ghetto as I don’t have any molds or real wicks, I just use some braided leftover embroidery thread and the remnants of candles I’ve … Continue reading

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